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Voicemail Marketing: How It Can Help B2B Transactions To Succeed

By: GhostVoicemails Support 

Many businessmen may ask themselves, “Does leaving a voicemail really work for my business?”
There are many variables involved in the success of voicemail marketing in a B2B scenario- it depends on the tone, delivery, content, speed – all of which can change from time to time.
When you leave a voicemail for B2B lead generation, it is like you are your own commercial pitch for 30 seconds or less, you have to use all marketing techniques that will fit in a 30 second pitch to get call backs.

But how should a businessman utilise voicemail marketing effectively? GhostVoicemails came up with few suggestions that might help others but may also not help some due to the subjective nature of leaving voicemails.

1. Get personal. Call them by their name
When people hear their first name, it is a cue that they should start listening. It is a proven fact. Start with something like, “Hello Nick, this is John Copeland of ABC Consulting..” and end it with “…I look forward speaking to you, thank you, Nick.”

2. Send follow up emails in conjunction with voicemails
Following up with an email after sending the voicemail can increase the chance of a call back. Emails can also help create brand awareness for your product.

3. Keep voicemails short and simple
A 30-40 seconds voicemail will do. That’s it. Short and simple.

4. Avoid too many topics in one voicemail
If you want to go into detail and be thorough in explaining your product, use an email.

5. Get them to make a decision
It is estimated that 75% of business calls go to voicemail or worse get deleted. Replace, “I would like to talk about your purchase the other day.” Instead, “Kindly let us know if you have finalised your order for us to start processing the order tomorrow.”

Aside from these tips, it is important to sound sincere and audible in leaving a voicemail. Always aim for a natural-sounding speech, don’t sound like that annoying commercial on the television.

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