GhostVoicemails can be used for political campaigns by candidates who seek political position in their respective cities or even in the whole country. Here are some sample scripts that can be used:

Send reminders to vote and upcoming election to voters
“Hi ____, This is Jane from the Australian Labor Party. I just want to remind you that on ____ will be the election day. Please vote wisely. Regards.”

Personal messages from candidates to voters
“Hi this is ____, candidate for city mayor here in (city). I am urging you to consider voting for me as city mayor. We need leaders who are staunch advocates of education to calibrate our local schools. Vote for me and let’s all make a difference!”

Communicating to party members
“Hi this is Jane of the Australian Labor Party, I would like to inform you that all members of ALP will be having a general assembly on ____ to discuss the upcoming election. Please call send a text message to confirm your attendance or call us if you are unable to come. Regards.”

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