Marketing Providers

Let your clients know about new marketing opportunities by using GhostVoicemails. Here are some sample scripts to be used by marketing service providers.

Past Client – Courtesy Call
“Hi, Jane here of ABC Brand Management Services. It’s been a year since we last talked. I just want to know if everything is going smoothly on your end. Call me anytime to discuss any marketing strategies that you would like to implement for your business. Regards.”

Existing Client – New Products and Services
“Hi there, Jane here of ABC Brand Management Services. I am calling to inform you that we are now offering graphic design services for all your future campaigns. To know more, call us at your most convenient time. Thanks!”

Reminder – Client Appointment
“Hi, it’s me Jane from ABC Brand Management Services. This is just a reminder that you have an appointment with us today at 10 am to discuss your brand activation strategies for your business. If you can’t attend, please call or text us back. Regards.”

Past/Current Client- Notification of New Staff
“Hi, Jane here of ABC Brand Management Services. I am calling to let you know that we have a new Art Director, his name is Justin See. He will be in-charge on all the creative aspect of all our campaigns. Call us anytime for consultations. Thanks.”

Service Industries

Service providers can use GhostVoicemails by sending service and maintenance reminders to clients or to generate interest in their latest products and services. Here are some sample scripts that service providers can use for their voicemail messages.

Reminder to Existing Clients- Services offered
“Hi ____, this is James from XYZ Cleaning Services. It’s been a while since we talked. Just checking in if everything is great on your end. If you have the need for cleaning services, just call us and we are more than happy to serve you. Regards.”

Notification- New products and services
“Hi ____! This is James of XYZ Cleaning Services. We want to ensure that your place will not just be clean, but it will also smell great! I just want to let you know that we are now offering Deodorization services for both residential and commercial spaces. If you are interested in this kind of service, call us anytime and we will set it up for you! Regards!”

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