Religious Organisations

Spread your faith by sending motivational, religious message to your community with GhostVoicemails effective marketing system. Here are some scripts that can be used.

Reminder – Charity Event by the Church
“Hi ___, Jane here from the Church of Christ. I am calling to remind you that the church will be having a feeding program for the street children. That’s tomorrow. If you are unable to come, call us or send us a text message. Thanks!”

Reminder – Cancellation or Changes to Events
“Hi __, Jane here from the Church of Christ. I am calling to inform you that the feeding program by the church will be rescheduled on ___. Let us know if you are available. See you!”

Personalised Birthday Motivational/Religious Messages
“Hi ___, Jane here from the Church of Christ. May God’s many blessings Be poured upon you As you celebrate today And the years that follow too May you have a real sense Of God’s hand upon your life, Leading you and guiding you As you walk with Jesus Christ.”

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