Voicemail marketing software

Voicemail marketing software is the latest tool for sales and marketing campaigns. Via voicemail marketing software you can reach thousands of potential sales personally to the voicemail of their telephone in the matter of minutes. We joke with clients about making sure they are ready for the influx of telephone calls after a voicemail marketing campaign has been sent. But in reality we are serious as with return call rates of over 16% this means you can expect 160 inbound calls from a campaign of 1,000 numbers.

The above is possible by the GhostVoicemails voicemail marketing software.

There are many features found in our Voicemail marketing software which will enhance the marketing campaign for any business. These include:

1. Reach thousands of users in a few minutes
2. non intrusive as the phone does not ring and goes straight to voicemail
3. recipients can call you back directly to the number used in the voicemail campaign
4. it is very personal as you create all messages

An added feature of our voicemail marketing system is that you can choose to send an automated email to all recipients of your voicemails. These emails can be personalised so they are addressed to the recipient who received the voicemail.

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