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It is important to have a reliable communication means when you are a part of the medical field. GhostVoicemails can help medical personnel to communicate efficiently with patients and save time on administrative duties. Here are samples scripts that medical practitioners can use in communicating with their patients.

Sending Alert to Patients – New Product or Services
“Hi ____. This is James of XYZ Medical Clinic. I am calling to inform you that we are now offering 3D/4D Ultrasound Scans. This is not your ordinary ultrasound. You will see the real-time image of your little one with this new procedure. Call us at your most convenient time if you want to book an appointment. Regards.”

Patients – Appointment Reminder
“Hi ____. This is James of XYZ Medical Clinic. I am calling to remind you of your appointment with Dr. Sullivan of Internal Medicine at 10 am. Please let us know if you are unable to make it by calling or texting us back and we will reschedule for you. Thanks!

Patients – Reminder for Test Results
“Hi _____. This is James of XYZ Medical Clinic. I am calling to inform you that your X-ray result is ready. Please call or text us back if you also want to schedule an appointment with one of our doctors to interpret the result of your X-ray. Thanks!

Alert About An Outbreak
“Hi ___. James here of XYZ Medical Clinic. Because of a current virus outbreak, we are requiring everyone to wear a face mask when entering our medical facility. Please follow for your own safety. Thank you for your cooperation!”

Industry Information – Field of Medicine
“Hi ___. James here of XYZ Medical Clinic. Due to the recent changes made by the Australian Medical Council, we would like to inform our patients that starting ___, all doctors in Australia who works in a private practice will be giving a 10% discount on their fees to all senior citizens who will be conducting their check ups. For more information, you may drop by our clinic or give us a call. Thank you!”

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