Social/Sports Clubs & Memberships

GhostVoicemails can also be used by people from the Social/Sports Clubs & Memberships businesses. Here are some of the voicemail scripts that can be used by these industry professionals to gain more memberships for their clubs.

Past Client – Courtesy Call
“Hi James here from Gymaholic Fitness Club, It’s been a year since you signed up for membership here in the fitness club. I just want to check in to see that all is well on your end. Let me know whatever goes. Call me at your most convenient time to discuss any concerns on your membership. Best regards to you!”

Existing Client – New Products & Services
“Hi, James here of Gymaholic Fitness Club. I am just calling to let you know that we are now offering Mixed Martial Arts lessons in our gym! If you want to know more, just drop at the Gymaholic Fitness Club or call me back at your most convenient time. Thanks!”

Client Courteous – Industry Information
“Hi James here of Gymaholic Fitness Club. This is just a courtesy call to let you know that we will be bringing in fitness trainers who are also licensed physical therapist. This will make your work out even more fun and beneficial! To know more, call us back to set your appointment or drop by at the gym!”

Client Reminder – Appointment
“Hi, James here of Gymaholic Fitness Club. Just calling in to remind you of your appointment with one of our trainers tomorrow. If you wish to cancel please call or text back. Thank you!”

Past/Current Client – Marketing New Staff
“Hi James here of Gymaholic Fitness Club, I am just calling to let you know that our business is under new management and expansion is in the works. Dennis Wright has been appointed as the new Club Manager, any concerns you may approach him. Feel free to contact us anytime. Regards.”

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