Promotion of events and brand awareness will be easier with GhostVoicemails. Time is of the essence in promoting events and GhostVoicemails is the perfect tool to send promotional messages to thousands of people in minutes. Below are the sample voicemail scripts that can be used by people in the entertainment business.

Potential Client
“Hi ____, this is James for XYZ Events International. We are in the business of organizing trade shows and conferences. We want to create an avenue for businesses like you to showcase their products to meet their target buyers. If you want to know more, call us at _____ and we will discuss it with you!”

Client Reminder – Event
“Hi ___! James here for XYZ Events International. I am just calling to confirm your attendance to the 10th Australian Annual Gala to be held on August 15, 2015 at the ABC Events Hall at 10 am. To confirm your attendance, please call us back or email us at xyzeventsinternational@bigpond.com. Thanks!”

Client Reminder – Appointment
“Hi____, James here from XYZ Events International. I am calling to remind you of your appointment in our office today at 11 am. We will continue discussing brand activation strategies for your business. If you are unable to attend please call or text back. Regards.”

Existing and Future Client Reminder – Registration
“Hi ____! This is James of XYZ Events International. I am just calling to remind you that tomorrow is the last day of registration for the 18th Australian Food Expo Event. To register, log on to our website at www.xyzeventsinternational.com or call or text us back so we can accommodate your registration. Thank you!”

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