Retail/Small Business

Promotinal messages to drive more sales is essential for a retail business. GhostVoicemails can help retail business owners to boost their business revenue by reaching new customers and promoting their new products and also to remind past clients about their latest offerings. Here are samples scripts that retail businesses can use:

Client Retention – Offering Discounts
“Hi ____, this is Jane of Baby XYZ Company. I am calling to let you know that we are offering 50% discount on all baby clothes starting Aug 10-15. Drop by our store to purchase new stuff for your little one! Call or text us if you want to know more. Thanks!”

Courtesy Call- Existing clients
“Hi ____, this is Jane of Baby XYZ Company. I am just calling to touch base to see if everything is going great for you. I am available if you want to chat about anything baby stuff! Call me at ___. Regards.”

Reminder To Past Clients – New Product and Services
“ Hi ____, this is Jane of Baby XYZ Company. How is everything? It’s been awhile since you last drop by to our store! I am calling to let you know that we have expanded our product line and we are now selling affordable and original baby carriers. If you want to know which brands we are selling, just call or text us back for more details. Thanks!”

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