Car and Boat Dealers/Hirers

Using GhostVoicemails can help car and boat dealers/hirers to promote their business and to stay in touch with thousands of people in no time.

Past Client- Courtesy Call
“Hi ___, this is James of Caravans and Boats Rentals! It’s been a year since you last rented a boat for your last adventure. I just wanted to check in to see if everything is going great on your end. Call us anytime so we can have a chat!”

Existing Client – New Products and Services
“Hi ___. James here of Caravans and Boat Rentals. I am just calling to let you know that we have new pre-owned boats for rental and all comes with a warranty! Call us anytime of you’re interested in renting these roadworthy boats. Thank you!”

Client Reminder – Appointment
“Hi ____. This is James of Caravans and Boat Rentals. I would like to remind of your appointment tomorrow at 10 am to test drive one of our boats. If you are unable to come, please call or text us back so we can reschedule your appointment. Thanks!”

Past/Current Client – New Staff
“Hi ____. James her of Caravans and Boat Rentals. I am calling to inform you that we have a new Principal Dealer. His name is Eddie Smith. he will be spearheading our sales team moving forward. He is available anytime for consultations. Just call us at your most convenient time or drop by our office and he will be the person up-front. Thank you!”

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