Our pricing is simple, you pre-purchase
bundles of GhostVoicemails

Setting up an account is free and all accounts receive 3 complimentary GhostVoicemails. Additional GhostVoicemails can then be purchased in bundles as per the below pricing. GhostVoicemails are then used when you deliver campaigns to your contacts as per the Country table further down the page.


* bundles greater than 100,000 can be purchased by contacting our support

The below table outlines how many GhostVoicemails are used to send a Voicemail to a number in that country


Trial GhostVoicemails and receive 3 free Voicemails.
No Contracts, no setup fees.


Pricing FAQ’s

How much does it cost to create an account? It is free to create your GhostVoicemails account. As a value add to all clients, there is no charge to send the first 3 GhostVoicemails in any accounts. After this, you are required to pre-purchase a bundle of GhostVoicemails.
What is a GhostVoicemails? One GhostVoicemail will allow you to send one Voicemail to a telephone number located in the country the Voicemail was purchased.
How do I pay for bundles of GhostVoicemails? You can purchase bundle of GhostVoicemails using your GhostVoicemail
Can GhostVoicemails be used for Voicemails to multiple countries? GhostVoicemails can only be used for calls in the country they were purchased for. If you would like to schedule campaigns in multiple countries then you need to purchase GhostVoicemails for each of these countries.
What happens if I run out of GhostVoicemails? You will be notified as soon as your GhostVoicemails balance reaches 10 advising you to purchase more GhostVoicemails.. You’ll also be notified as soon as the number of scheduled campaigns is more than the number of GhostVoicemails in your account.
Will GhostVoicemails Expire? GhostVoicemails are valid for 12 months from the date they were purchased. Any GhostVoicemails remaining after this date will expire and be removed from your account.
What Currency am I billed in? All GhostVoicemails are billed in USD and the price per Voicemail varies according to the country the GhostVoicemails are purchased for and the volume of the number of Voicemail.
Can I auto-purchase GhostVoicemails? When purchasing a bundle of GhostVoicemails you have the option to select the automatically renew option. This means when your GhostVoicemails balance reaches 10 a new bundle of GhostVoicemails will automatically be purchased and charged to your GhostVoicemail. You can login and stop the auto-purchase at any time.


Trial GhostVoicemails and receive 3 free GhostVoicemails. No Contracts, no setup fees.