Feature Overview

Create Campaigns

When creating a campaign you will select a future trigger (e.g. birthday, anniversary, date etc) along with the time of the day the campaign will be sent and for how many recurring periods. You then record the Voice Message and create an sms or email template to accompany the campaign. The campaign is then saved so you can re-use it an unlimited number of times.


Adding Contacts

You can load contacts manually one by one or perform a bulk upload via a CSV file. When loading contacts, you must include a mobile number which the voicemail will be delivered to. If you’d like to send automated emails after a voicemail is delivered then you must load an accompanying email with the contact. Contacts when loaded can be flagged into categories (which you can control) which can then be used to trigger campaigns.


Scheduling Campaigns

Campaigns for contacts can be scheduled a number of ways. You can manually schedule a campaign for a specific Contact. Alternatively, when creating a Campaign you can automatically scheduled it for all past or future contacts that belong to a certain category.


API Services

If you’re a web developer or you already use another CRM system, then take advantage of Ghost Voicemails without leaving your existing CRM. Our REST based web services/API allows web developers to hook into our technology and perform all the same functions you can from directly in the interface.



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