McGrath Partnership

McGrath Estate Agents has proudly partnered with GhostVoicemails to provide agents with access to industry leading communication technology. GhostVoicemails is an innovative solution that allows real estate professionals to pre-record an audio file and deliver it automatically to a clients mobile phone in the form of a voice mail message. The audio file is placed in the client’s voicemail without their phone ringing! Within 5 minutes of the voicemail being received, an automated email can be sent from the agent to the client’s email address with text supporting the voice mail message.

As part of the McGrath network, when you purchase a bundle of 500 GhostVoicemails you will receive an additional 150 GhostVoicemails free of charge. This 30% rebate in the form of free GhostVoicemails will be rebated to your account within 24 hours.

The cost to purchase 500 GhostVoicemails (+ 150 free) is US$100.

How Real Estate Professionals are Using GhostVoicemails

Automate follow ups with property seekers, generate brand awareness to new clients and nurture existing landlords.

  • Send personalised messages instantly to your database around a new listing
  • Automate the follow process with property seekers who have inspected a listing
  • Generate a campaign to potential vendors to secure new business
  • Send anniversary/birthday messages to past clients
  • Send automated messages to Landlords around their properties and the services you’re providing them

McGrath How to Videos

Configuring Your GhostVoicemails Account

Verifying Your Mobile


Purchasing GhostVoicemail Credits


Loading Contacts

Add a Single Contact


Load a CSV File of Contacts


Creating & Scheduling Campaigns

Adding Campaign Collateral


Schedule a Campaign


Schedule a Campaign from Contacts Tab


Campaign Results

Scheduled Tab



Trial GhostVoicemails and receive 3 free GhostVoicemails. No Contracts, no setup fees.