How are GhostVoicemails Used

GhostVoicemails have endless possibilities. Below are popular ways GhostVoicemails are applied.


Marketing via GhostVoicemails

Easily communicate with potential or existing clients. Strengthen your loyalty program, drive traffic online, heighten engagement and communicate marketing offers and promotions for your products and services.

“Hi, it’s Mark Jane here from vJeans store at Venice Beach. I’m just calling as we’re having a flash sale this Friday for all of our members. Anything purchased between 10am and 5pm will be 25% off marked price. Mention the word “flash” while making a purchase. See you there.”


Nurturing with GhostVoicemails

When was the last time you called all of your clients? Maintain contact, brand recognition and a personal relationship with all of your clients via scheduling bulk, yet personalised voicemail messages to your client’s phone.

“Hi, it’s Geoff here from Best Realty. This is just a courtesy call to make sure we’re addressing all of your needs in relation to your investment property. Feel free to call back at anytime if there is anything you’d like to discuss.”


Notifications through GhostVoicemail

Allow important notifications to reach thousands of individuals securely, timely and directly to their mobile voicemail. These could be used by schools, sporting clubs, emergency services, events and much more.

“Hi, Stacey here from Long County Elementary. Because of large dumps of snow last night on Route 24, the sports carnival at Eden Park today has been cancelled.”


Reminders using GhostVoicemails

Make sure your client’s never miss an event, milestone or important date. You can schedule automated reminders which will reach client’s voicemail prior to important dates.

“Hi, it’s Matt Damon here from Merit Accountants. I just wanted to remind you that your income tax return needs to be submitted by February 28th. Call back on this number to organise a time for us to complete this for you”


Account Receivable via GhostVoicemails

Manage your business cashflow and outstanding accounts. Schedule upcoming payment notices or overdue reminders to be automatically sent to your clients.

“Hi, this is Marie from AGD Energy. Your electricity bill has now fallen 7 days overdue. To avoid suspension of your account please organise payment within the next 5 days. Please call back on this number if you’d like to discuss your account or oragnise a payment plan. Kind regards.”


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