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Help Guide

GhostVoicemails User Guide

GhostVoicemails is a web-based interface that allows you to create voicemail marketing campaigns to be delivered to your target audience.

This guide is written for all small and medium sized entrepreneurs who are users of the GhostVoicemails innovative marketing system. It provides a detailed, step-by-step guide on how to set up and use GhostVoicemails.

What is in the help guide?

Testing the GhostVoicemails System
Before signing up, users are allowed to test how GhostVoicemails work. In this way, they will have a feel on what to expect on the system and how it will benefit their business.

Using the tool bar the tool bar contains the dashboard which is the overview of your
GhostVoicemails account. Navigate thru the tool bar to experience the GhostVoicemails system. The tool bar makes it easy for you to explore, and at the same time manage your GhostVoicemails account.

How to Add and Download Contacts – place all your business contacts so you can send out
GhostVoicemails conveniently. This guide will show you how to add business contacts manually importing and downloading your business contacts via the CSV format.

Adding Campaigns – start creating your very own personalized marketing message by adding
campaigns on your GhostVoicemails account. You can also record your voicemail message and save it for future use.

Editing Scheduled Voicemail – need to change a few details on your scheduled voicemail? It’s possible. You can do that by clicking Edit Scheduled Voicemail.


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