What is GhostVoicemails?

GhostVoicemails is ringless automatic voicemail delivery system. You pre-record a voicemail for hundreds or thousands of recipients and we deliver it to their Inbox without their telephone ringing.

How do I get started?

Signup for a free account and receive 3 free Voicemails
Create a campaign which includes recording a voicemail
Add contacts to the system for the campaign to be delivered to

How fast can my campaign start?

You can start your campaign as soon as you create an account. Our system is cloud based so you can access to trigger campaigns 24 hours per day 7 days a week.

How many messages can you deliver?

Our cloud based system can deliver thousands of messages in a minute.

When do you deliver the messages?

You have the flexibility to schedule campaigns to commence whenever you like. There is no limitation on when campaigns can be scheduled for.

Can I bulk upload contacts to send messages to?

Yes, there are 3 methods to add Contacts/Numbers to our system. Manually via the system, csv upload via the system or your web developer can send them via your existing CRM system using our API service.

Who records the message?

Part of the unique service proposition of GhostVoicemails is the ability for you to create personalised and custom Voicemails. You always record the messages and the maximum length of the message is 30 seconds.

What does the message sound like after its delivered?

Message quality is identical to your initial recording and the same as if you telephoned the contact and left a voicemail on their phone.

What number does the voicemail come from?

You can set the caller ID for the number the voicemail comes from to be your mobile or any other number your business uses. Alternatively, you can select for it to be delivered from a Private Number.

Can I integrate GhostVoicemails with my existing CRM system?

Yes, we have an API available which will allow 3rd party CRM systems and web developers integrate their applications with GhostVoicemails.

What is the cost to use GhostVoicemails?

Check out our pricing FAQs here.


Trial GhostVoicemails and receive 3 free GhostVoicemails. No Contracts, no setup fees.