Voicemail Broadcasting System

Our voicemail broadcasting system is a global leader in voicemail broadcasting. Voicemail broadcasting is the process where you pre-record an audio message that will be scheduled to be delivered to a person’s telephone voicemail at a later date.

Via voicemail broadcasting, you can leave a voicemail on a recipients telephone without their telephone ringing. Because of this reason voicemail broadcasting is highly personally and gives the impression that you have just personally telephoned the recipient of the voicemail. You can even select which telephone number the voicemail can be delivered from. This could be a mobile, office landline number, a Private number or a unique marketing number. We give you the control over the telephone you can use as this allows you to pitch your campaign and structure it in the most beneficial way for your business.

The GhostVoicemails voicemail broadcasting system allows you to reach thousands of potential contacts with 1 campaign in the matter of minutes. With the voicemail broadcasting system you can select the date and time you’d like your voicemail campaign to be sent in the future. This means you can select the best time of the day for voicemail broadcasting which is likely to result in the best listen and reply rates.

Innovative Voicemail Marketing

Voicemail marketing is a cost effective way to reach thousands of potential customers in the matter of minutes. Pre-record marketing voicemails, then have the GhostVoicemails software deliver these to your contacts at a schedule data/time in the future.

Be warned though, you need to have the necessary staff on hand to handle all the inbound calls generated by a GhostVoicemails voicemail marketing campaign. The reason is, that voicemail marketing is so personal that the recipient receiving the voicemail thinks that you personally dialled their phone and left a voicemail message. So be prepared for a higher conversion rate than what you normally receive via an email or sms campaign.

Voicemails have over 95% open rates. So you are guaranteed your voicemail marketing campaign will be effective at reaching your audience. Unlike SMS marketing, voicemail marketing is a lot more personal because audiences are not yet aware of technology (like GhostVoicemails) that can automate the delivery of voicemails to telephones.

Another important benefit of performing voicemail marketing through GhostVoicemails is that you have the option to send an automated yet personalised email to all recipients of a voicemail. In reality, for sales/marketing activities most people will follow up a voicemail with an email. This behaviour is replicated with GhostVoicemails allowing for further authenticity around the voicemail being made by manually calling the recipients telephone.

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