6 Elements To Be Included In A Real Estate Agent’s Voicemail

by: GhostVoicemails Support

Real estate agents are busy people. Most of the time they are out of office showing homes to prospective clients or staging a home to sell. But what happens when you are too busy closing a sale with one client and another one to call? This is where voicemails comes in handy for these busy professionals. But how do they keep it professional?

Here are the 6 elements real estate agents should include in their voicemail:

  1. Your name. Some real estate agents forget the most basic thing to do in sending a voicemail. In real estate, it is with your name that branding starts.
  1. Where you work or your affiliations. Any brokerage firm you are affiliated with? You can also include that in your voicemail as part of you branding.
  1. Secondary contact information. These are also important. A secondary phone number, email address, mailing address or social media channels or anything that the prospective clients can reach you, include that in your voicemail. Providing an alternative contact information makes you open your communication lines that will make you appear approachable and not hard to reach.
  1. Areas you represent clients in. This is where you can showcase your expertise in a specific country, region or state.
  1. Your specialties. Mention what type of properties you sell. Do you sell commercial properties? vacation homes? Include this in your voicemail message.
  1. When you expect to return calls. Instead of telling clients that you will have a chat with them when you have the time, tell them the exact time when you return calls.


          As a bonus on this blog, here is an example of a well written voicemail script that real estate agents can use:

“Hi this is Andrew from Hansen Realty. We specialise in helping you find commercial properties in Sydney. We also offer personal, professional marketing of each listing so you can rest assured when you leave the big details to us! We will be happy to tell you more in just a moment. You can call us anytime at 0412345678 or email us at hansenrealty@gmail.com. Have a great day!”


Ringless Voicemail: A Non-Intrusive system, a gem in direct marketing

By: GhostVoicemails Support               

                Nobody wants to be interrupted. It is the worst thing that could happen in a person’s day.

               What is a ringless voicemail? A ringless voicemail allows you to directly deliver a voicemail message containing your 30 to 60 second marketing pitch to the recipient’s phone without the phone ringing. Ringless voicemail has known to be successful because it generates inbound callbacks  from consumers which gives business owners a chance to negotiate their deals through inbound calls.

                 GhostVoicemails is known for its non-intrusive technology that the messages sent goes directly to voicemail without the phone ringing. GhostVoicemail’s has broken down why it is important to select a ringless voicemail service among any other forms of outbound prospecting:

  1. Without the ring, the recipient will listen to the message on his own time.
  2. Your message will go directly to the person you intended it to be sent.
  3. You can leave your best message without all the human error
  4. You can follow up your message with an SMS or email which makes you maximise all other marketing mediums
  5. You won’t be boring and exhausting yourself with cold calling
  6. Best of all, no annoying interruptions!

Ringless voicemail is a sales person’s tool to promote their product and services with actually being heard by the customers. A ringless voicemail is a way to leave a message to your prospective customers without wasting your energy manually dialling their numbers individually. In a fast-paced world of business, this type of technology is a gold mine as it helps you save time and energy and lets you attend to other important things for the growth of your business.

Voicemail marketing software

Voicemail marketing software is the latest tool for sales and marketing campaigns. Via voicemail marketing software you can reach thousands of potential sales personally to the voicemail of their telephone in the matter of minutes. We joke with clients about making sure they are ready for the influx of telephone calls after a voicemail marketing campaign has been sent. But in reality we are serious as with return call rates of over 16% this means you can expect 160 inbound calls from a campaign of 1,000 numbers.

The above is possible by the GhostVoicemails voicemail marketing software.

There are many features found in our Voicemail marketing software which will enhance the marketing campaign for any business. These include:

1. Reach thousands of users in a few minutes
2. non intrusive as the phone does not ring and goes straight to voicemail
3. recipients can call you back directly to the number used in the voicemail campaign
4. it is very personal as you create all messages

An added feature of our voicemail marketing system is that you can choose to send an automated email to all recipients of your voicemails. These emails can be personalised so they are addressed to the recipient who received the voicemail.

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