Benefits of Using GhostVoicemails

GhostVoicemails innovative voicemail message delivery system provides you with a new means to communicate to your audiences. Voicemail marketing can reduce your costs associated with communication while contributing to increased sales. Below are key benefits experienced by our clients.


High Delivery

People will always listen to their voice mail, so this is the most effective means of delivering a market or urgent message.


Not Intrusive

Voice mail marketing isn’t intrusive as the target users mobile phone will not ring.


Your Voice is Personal

You create the voicemail so it is very personal and carries more value than email or direct mail campaigns. Your clients will be under the impression they missed your call and be appreciative you went to the effort to call them


Email Follow Up

The optional automated personalised email follow-up a minute after the call further highlights the committment you have in relation to the contact.


Highly Scalable

You can schedule 1 or thousands of voicemails to send automatically in the future at a date and time that suits you


Delivery Stats

There is tracking of voicemails, emails and sms sent along with open rates where applicable


Branded Voicemail

You have the optional to have your own number as the caller ID or alternatively you can use a private number or any other business number you own


Innovative Technology

Your clients will never know you used GhostVoicemails to place the voicemail on their phone, and multiply your phone calling efforts.


Cost Effective

GhostVoicemails costs less than employing an outbound sales person or contracting a call centre to perform a sales campaign.


HIghly Productive

GhostVoicemails can deliver thousands of voicemails in minutes unlike a physical person who can do a few hundred per day.


More Reliable

Email lists are very transient. Telephone numbers are more reliable and don’t change as often, therefore your campaign will be more successful with a phone list, instead of an email list.


Stand Out

A lot of companies perform marketing via email or sms campaigns. GhostVoicemails are revolutionary and only recently created allowing you to get the upper hand on your competitors.


Trial GhostVoicemails and receive 3 free GhostVoicemails. No Contracts, no setup fees.