6 Elements To Be Included In A Real Estate Agent’s Voicemail

by: GhostVoicemails Support

Real estate agents are busy people. Most of the time they are out of office showing homes to prospective clients or staging a home to sell. But what happens when you are too busy closing a sale with one client and another one to call? This is where voicemails comes in handy for these busy professionals. But how do they keep it professional?

Here are the 6 elements real estate agents should include in their voicemail:

  1. Your name. Some real estate agents forget the most basic thing to do in sending a voicemail. In real estate, it is with your name that branding starts.
  1. Where you work or your affiliations. Any brokerage firm you are affiliated with? You can also include that in your voicemail as part of you branding.
  1. Secondary contact information. These are also important. A secondary phone number, email address, mailing address or social media channels or anything that the prospective clients can reach you, include that in your voicemail. Providing an alternative contact information makes you open your communication lines that will make you appear approachable and not hard to reach.
  1. Areas you represent clients in. This is where you can showcase your expertise in a specific country, region or state.
  1. Your specialties. Mention what type of properties you sell. Do you sell commercial properties? vacation homes? Include this in your voicemail message.
  1. When you expect to return calls. Instead of telling clients that you will have a chat with them when you have the time, tell them the exact time when you return calls.


          As a bonus on this blog, here is an example of a well written voicemail script that real estate agents can use:

“Hi this is Andrew from Hansen Realty. We specialise in helping you find commercial properties in Sydney. We also offer personal, professional marketing of each listing so you can rest assured when you leave the big details to us! We will be happy to tell you more in just a moment. You can call us anytime at 0412345678 or email us at hansenrealty@gmail.com. Have a great day!”


Ringless Voicemail: A Non-Intrusive system, a gem in direct marketing

By: GhostVoicemails Support               

                Nobody wants to be interrupted. It is the worst thing that could happen in a person’s day.

               What is a ringless voicemail? A ringless voicemail allows you to directly deliver a voicemail message containing your 30 to 60 second marketing pitch to the recipient’s phone without the phone ringing. Ringless voicemail has known to be successful because it generates inbound callbacks  from consumers which gives business owners a chance to negotiate their deals through inbound calls.

                 GhostVoicemails is known for its non-intrusive technology that the messages sent goes directly to voicemail without the phone ringing. GhostVoicemail’s has broken down why it is important to select a ringless voicemail service among any other forms of outbound prospecting:

  1. Without the ring, the recipient will listen to the message on his own time.
  2. Your message will go directly to the person you intended it to be sent.
  3. You can leave your best message without all the human error
  4. You can follow up your message with an SMS or email which makes you maximise all other marketing mediums
  5. You won’t be boring and exhausting yourself with cold calling
  6. Best of all, no annoying interruptions!

Ringless voicemail is a sales person’s tool to promote their product and services with actually being heard by the customers. A ringless voicemail is a way to leave a message to your prospective customers without wasting your energy manually dialling their numbers individually. In a fast-paced world of business, this type of technology is a gold mine as it helps you save time and energy and lets you attend to other important things for the growth of your business.

Voicemail Marketing: How It Can Help B2B Transactions To Succeed

By: GhostVoicemails Support 

Many businessmen may ask themselves, “Does leaving a voicemail really work for my business?”
There are many variables involved in the success of voicemail marketing in a B2B scenario- it depends on the tone, delivery, content, speed – all of which can change from time to time.
When you leave a voicemail for B2B lead generation, it is like you are your own commercial pitch for 30 seconds or less, you have to use all marketing techniques that will fit in a 30 second pitch to get call backs.

But how should a businessman utilise voicemail marketing effectively? GhostVoicemails came up with few suggestions that might help others but may also not help some due to the subjective nature of leaving voicemails.

1. Get personal. Call them by their name
When people hear their first name, it is a cue that they should start listening. It is a proven fact. Start with something like, “Hello Nick, this is John Copeland of ABC Consulting..” and end it with “…I look forward speaking to you, thank you, Nick.”

2. Send follow up emails in conjunction with voicemails
Following up with an email after sending the voicemail can increase the chance of a call back. Emails can also help create brand awareness for your product.

3. Keep voicemails short and simple
A 30-40 seconds voicemail will do. That’s it. Short and simple.

4. Avoid too many topics in one voicemail
If you want to go into detail and be thorough in explaining your product, use an email.

5. Get them to make a decision
It is estimated that 75% of business calls go to voicemail or worse get deleted. Replace, “I would like to talk about your purchase the other day.” Instead, “Kindly let us know if you have finalised your order for us to start processing the order tomorrow.”

Aside from these tips, it is important to sound sincere and audible in leaving a voicemail. Always aim for a natural-sounding speech, don’t sound like that annoying commercial on the television.


GhostVoicemails can be used for political campaigns by candidates who seek political position in their respective cities or even in the whole country. Here are some sample scripts that can be used:

Send reminders to vote and upcoming election to voters
“Hi ____, This is Jane from the Australian Labor Party. I just want to remind you that on ____ will be the election day. Please vote wisely. Regards.”

Personal messages from candidates to voters
“Hi this is ____, candidate for city mayor here in (city). I am urging you to consider voting for me as city mayor. We need leaders who are staunch advocates of education to calibrate our local schools. Vote for me and let’s all make a difference!”

Communicating to party members
“Hi this is Jane of the Australian Labor Party, I would like to inform you that all members of ALP will be having a general assembly on ____ to discuss the upcoming election. Please call send a text message to confirm your attendance or call us if you are unable to come. Regards.”


Send important notifications to parents and students and stay connected with everyone in the school community with GhostVoicemails. Here are sample scripts that can be used:

Sending Important Announcements to Parents
“Hi (Mr/Mrs) ____, this is Ms.Smith, head aministrator of ANZ Academy, I would like to inform you that we will be having our annual Parent Teacher Conference at the ANZ HALL on (date and time). Please confirm your attendance by sending a text message or call us if you are unable to come. Thank you.”

Weather announcement
“Attention all parents, students and faculty staff and all school personnel, All school buildings will be closed due to the typhoon. It would be best for all of you to stay home and stand by for further announcements. Thank you and Be safe!”

Truancy Notification
“Hi (Mr/Mrs) ____, this is in regard to your daughter ____. We would like to inform you that she has acquired 6 unexcused absences. Please let us know if uou wish to discuss this further. Call us at ____ so we can provide assistance on this matter. Thank you for your support”




Utility companies can now reach their community and inform them about utility interruption with GhostVoicemails. Here are some sample scripts.

Notification – Scheduled Utility Interruption
“Hi ___, this is James of AU Water Corporation. I am calling to remind you that there will be a scheduled water pipe maintenance in your area later tonight at 6pm. We will be contacting you again once the water service is up and running. Thank you for understanding.”

Reminder – upcoming/past due accounts
“Hi ___, this is James of AU Water Corporation. You may have been busy these days, so I am calling to remind you of your unpaid bill. To continue using the service, please settle your payment in 2 days. If you have paid this bill, please disregard this message. Thank you!”

Existing Clients – Courtesy Email
“Hi ____, this is James of AU Water Corporation. I am just calling to touch base to see if everything is going great for you. I am available if you want to discuss something about your water service. Call me at your most convenient time. Regards.


Notify candidates of prospective job opportunities with Ghostvoicemails. Send automated messages to applicants about recent job postings to jumpstart their careers. Here are some scripts that can be used.

Notifications – New Job Opportunities
“Hi ___ , Jane here from ABC HR Firm. I am calling to let you know that we have a position suited for your qualifications. To know more about the position, give us a call so we can discuss it with you.Regards.”

Notification – Messages to all Job applicants
“Hi, Jane here of ABC HR Firm. For all the applicants who will be taking their employment assessment tomorrow, please bring a black pen with you. Thank you and good luck!”

Reminder – Interview Appointment
“Hi___, Jane here of ABC HR Firm, I am calling to remind you of your interview tomorrow at 10 am for the Brand Manager position. To confirm your attendance, call us back or send us a text message. Thank you.”

Religious Organisations

Spread your faith by sending motivational, religious message to your community with GhostVoicemails effective marketing system. Here are some scripts that can be used.

Reminder – Charity Event by the Church
“Hi ___, Jane here from the Church of Christ. I am calling to remind you that the church will be having a feeding program for the street children. That’s tomorrow. If you are unable to come, call us or send us a text message. Thanks!”

Reminder – Cancellation or Changes to Events
“Hi __, Jane here from the Church of Christ. I am calling to inform you that the feeding program by the church will be rescheduled on ___. Let us know if you are available. See you!”

Personalised Birthday Motivational/Religious Messages
“Hi ___, Jane here from the Church of Christ. May God’s many blessings Be poured upon you As you celebrate today And the years that follow too May you have a real sense Of God’s hand upon your life, Leading you and guiding you As you walk with Jesus Christ.”

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