Step 1

Load Contacts

Add contacts and their mobile numbers


Step 2

Schedule Campaigns

Record an audio file and set a date to send


Step 3

Voicemail Delivery

Voicemails are broadcast and placed on telephone

Grow your business with GhostVoicemails

Increase revenue by reaching new, existing and past audiences.
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Easy, Scalable & Effective

With listen rates at over 95%, Voicemail marketing is an untapped resource.
Simply use our web based system to schedule future campaigns, or integrate with our API from your existing web app. We even provide pre-written voicemail scripts you can use.

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GhostVoicemails can be used
in a number of ways to communicate with
your past, current and future audiences.

GhostVoicemails Benefits

Don’t waste time manually dialling numbers. Deliver your marketing pitch or audience message directly to mobile voicemails allowing you to maximise your time wisely and negotiate in-bound calls instead.

  • You schedule current or future campaigns
  • You can select the best time for campaigns to run
  • Import contacts and schedule thousands of campaigns
  • Guaranteed delivery across multiple countries
  • Reach thousands of people in a matter of minutes
  • Use a private number or your own number as the CallerID
  • Tracking of voice messages sent
  • If there is no voicemail device then an sms can be sent
  • Follow-up voicemails within 5 minutes with an automated and personalised email
  • Extremely non-intrusive as message goes directly to voicemail without the phone ringing
  • Much more cost-effective than conventional telemarketing
  • Infinite market applications


Trial GhostVoicemails and receive 3 free GhostVoicemails. No Contracts, no setup fees.